Hello, my curious admirer…

My name is Mistress Akira.

I am a half-Japanese professional Dominatrix and have practiced my craft since the first time I stepped into a dungeon in 2015.

Now… before continuing, a disclaimer is in order: This website is for an 18+ audience and contains adult themes. If you are of legal age and interested in bondage, power exchange, kink, and sadomasochism… welcome! Otherwise this is not for you and encourage you to leave my website.

For everyone else wishing to dive deeper into my world, I am excited to have you. Whether you are a shy voyeur, a nervous newbie excited to relinquish control into my hands, or a well seasoned submissive whose mind, body, and soul have been used time and time again. This is the first step toward being ensnared in my web. To gain the privilege of being on your hands and knees in my divine presence. And to feel my fingers interlace with yours as I tease and torment all of your deepest desires.

It’s important to understand that I am selective about who gets to serve me and that I am not a service top. While I will consider your interests and respect your limits, I am not interested in scripts or marking off a checklist. I seek authentic subservience to my will and reward those who behave accordingly. To put it bluntly for my fellow Millenials… I adore simps. If this sounds like you, then I look forward to your submission request (after you’ve read my FAQ, of course). <3