Q: I’m brand spanking new to this, where do I start?
A: I love being the arbiter of kinky curiosities but I have very little patience for those who leave bad first impressions. First step to surrendering is to familiarize oneself with the proper etiquette on how to contact a professional Dominatrix… and lucky for us that work has already been done. Read “Rules of the Road” written by my lovely collared sub. Once you’ve completed your reading and have an understanding of my expectations, you may contact me through my submission form.

Q: What would be your ideal submissive?
A: Someone who is kind, courteous, obedient, and is clear and concise in their request. I expect my submissives to be physically and mentally prepared before our session and that includes cleanliness.

Q: What are your rates?
A: My time starts at $450 per hour. Please inquire for engagements longer than four hours. When I am a guest feature in another Dominatrices’ scene I may price match at my discretion.

Q: What are your boundaries?
A: Worship of any part of my body that is typically covered by a bikini, heavy medical scenes, subbing/switching, toilet play, or any activities that are directly sexual, illegal, unsafe, or non-consensual are off-limits. Boundaries are essential for everyone and it is paramount that mine are respected for a symbiotic and healthy D/s dynamic to flourish.

Q: Where are you located?
A: As of now, I primarily take sessions out in Valhalla located in West Oakland and Maison de la Maîtresse located in the historical Castro District of San Francisco. I also frequently travel to the PNW so there is potential I’ll be placing my kinky roots in Portland or Seattle as well.

Q: Do you do outcalls?
A: Yes! 4/5 star hotels or professional play spaces only. Travel fees may apply.

Q: Do you do doubles? Triples? How about kinky soirée?
A: Yes. Absolutely Yes. And oh my goddess… that sounds like pure heaven! I adore playing with other Dominatrices and/or providers. I am especially am close with Lady Grace, Domina Yuki, Domina Carmen, and Mistress Morgana. Now that I think about it, I wonder what the collective noun for a group of Dominatrices would be…

Q: May I be your personal slave?
A: While I appreciate the sentiment… it is not something I take lightly. It is a privileged position that requires time, dedication, and trust to be built before l’d even consider the possibility. You must psychologically prepared to be selfless in your service. To not center your needs over mine. And that you are determined to attain self-realization in our devotion to me.