Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road

1. Study Her website and social media. Learn Her protocol, interests, and limits.

2. Your communications, especially your initial ones, should be in a professional manner. When not in session, pretend like your communicating with your accountant (albeit a pretty kinky accountant).

3. When it comes to communications, get to the point quickly: Propose dates & times for sessions… or provide tributes/gifts. Don’t waste Her time. Remember, this is Her business. 

Note: my Dominatrix may smirk at this, because i love to opine with fairly lengthy emails, but they are always accompanied quickly with with gifts or session requests.

4. Never ever push on Her limits or boundaries.

5. If You need a special accommodation, have a special request, or have an interest that is not specifically stated as an interest or limit on Her website, ask Her about it, politely, once. If Her answer is ‘No’. never ask again. Interpret no response as a ‘No’.

6. Never try to negotiate Her rates, barter, or ask for free time.

7. For a session, provide the required tribute immediately upon ‘settling in’. Place it wherever She dictates. From my experience most ProDommes prefer an envelope. Never make Her ask for Her tribute.

8. Do your absolute best to never be late or cancel a session. If You ever do have to cancel for a legitimate reason, provide the full tribute, along with an apology.

Note: Trust, once broken is hard to rebuild. I’ve cancelled once on my Mistress due to a broken hand. I sent a picture of my cast with my cancellation so She knew I wasn’t making excuses

9. Never post, or speak poorly of a provider to another provider or client. This is just bad decorum. Never disclose any personal information that you may have become privy to.

10. Communicate your interests, limits, and any medical conditions to Her clearly. In session, let Her lead the way. Don’t try to micro-manage the session. Just enjoy the ride!

-sub rahul